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The Little Red Men, whose updated take on Indie rock could easily place them into the music stratosphere in a very short period of time. Rock is a genre that is having a hard time finding its place back in the scene overall, and The Little Red Men are one of those bands that can aid in getting it all back together. Their songs like “Psycho” and “Off Guard” read like something out of the mid to late 90’s era when rock reigned supreme, and they have quite a lot in store for the rest of 2017 and beyond.”

Ryan Shea "Manhattan Digest"

For the past six months, I have been following a band that possesses musical originality in performance and composition on a level which I have not experienced for a long time—and certainly never before from a group of high school-age musicians. These Long Island based teens are creating musical magic right now, and anyone who wonders where the next “front line” will emerge needs look no further than The Little Red Men.”

Roy Abrams "The Long Island Pulse Magazine"

The Little Red Men are a group of musicians whose age does not define their talent by any means. ”

Key Percussion

So what sets The Little Red Men’s music apart from other local bands? “The best part about their [The Little Red Men’s] music is that you can feel the emotion and heart put into each song they write,” Senior Ryan O’Dea stated. “Each of their songs tell individual stories through amazing lyrics and chord progressions that are sometimes unprecedented in the musical world we live in. They make you think in a way that is unique to them and not many other bands I’ve heard.””

Pluto's Roman Journal- WJMC Journal

Listening to the opening chord progression of “Off Guard,” my eyes widened in wonder as I marveled to the musical ingenuity my ears were absorbing. In fact, the first 30 seconds of that track was the impetus that got me in the car headed to Great Neck to see what this band could do live. The four-piece band delivered a set that left no doubt as to the potential inherent in this group of musicians.”

The Island Zone Update